Ready for Your New BFF?

We call it a forever home because we take personal responsibility through our 4 step process to ensure that your BFF’s new home is their forever home. To Apply for a BFF K9 Rescue dog, please read our adoption process and then download and fill out the adoption application below. Please send the completed application to

Two ways to apply:
1. Online -
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2. Download form, print, scan and email or fax -
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Adopting Your New BFF Is A four Step Process

Step 1 - Application
Adopter candidates are required complete and submit an adoption application that will be reviewed by BFF K9 Rescue staff members.

Step 2 - Home Check
Once the meet and greet has occurred, we will schedule a mandatory home visit. Please note, if you are in a rented home, we will be contacting your landlord for their approval prior to adoption.

Step 3 - Meet & Greet
If the application is approved, we will schedule a meet and greet with the potential adopters and dog(s). It is required that all members of the adoptive family be present for the meet and greet.

Step 4 - Pet Introduction
If the adopter already has existing pets (dogs or cats), we require that the pets are properly introduced by a member from BFF K9 Rescue. We will not adopt a 4th dog into a home under any circumstances.

Adoption Process and Policies:

All dogs listed on this website are currently available for adoption, and are seeking permanent loving homes. Before applying to adopt, please understand that we are looking for people and/or families that are ready and willing to commit to a dog for its entire lifespan, which could be up to 20 years. Adoptive families must be looking for their companion pet to be a member of the family and not an outdoor only dog.

Adoption Requirements:

  • Adopters must be at least 21 years of age
  • Adopters must live in the state of California or Utah
  • Must have a valid CA or UT Drivers License
  • Be willing and able to follow the mandatory adoption process
  • Must allow a representative to follow up with the adoptive family post-adoption
  • Be willing to provide the adopted dog with food, water, regular medical care (vaccines, flea/heartworm treatment, etc.) for the rest of their natural life
  • Agree to the BFF K9 Rescue Adoption Contract
  • Also agree that BFF K9 Rescue has the RIGHT to regain possession of the adopted dog without notice, if any of the terms of contract have been violated.

Adoption Donations:

We incur significant expenses in rescuing dogs (shelter pull fees, medical treatment, food, transportation, etc.) Our adoption fees are not the purchase price of a dog. Your donation is towards not only your dog, but other dogs in our care, and future dogs that will be rescued. Your dog was rescued and cared for thanks to the person that adopted before you.

All BFF K9 Rescue dogs require an adoption donation. Puppies under the age of 6 months that have not yet been altered also require an additional $150 spay/neuter deposit. It is the responsibility of the adopter to pay for the altering of the dog when age appropriate (and by the date specified in our contract). Upon receipt of a sterility certificate (prior to date listed on contract), adopters will be reimbursed their $150 deposit.

The adoption fees for our dogs ranges from $250 - $400
The fees depend on the age and breed of the dog .