Become A Foster Parent and Give A Paw A Hand

We are always in need of more Fosters in southern California and northern Utah. As a Foster parent to a dog in need, you play a critical role is the first step of rescue. Opening your home and heart to a dog in need, saves that dogs life.

Most dogs come to our rescue either from a shelter or a traumatic experience in their previous home. A Foster plays a critical role in preparing a rescued dog for his forever home by providing a caring hand, love, socialization and most important an environment in which they feel safe. Without Fosters, the adoption process is halted.

We are a small dog rescue and will work with you to find the best match possible for your home. We have many dogs in need including puppies, pregnant or nursing dogs and dogs recovering from surgery.

Fostering is easy! We provide the necessary items, food and all medical for our dogs while we find that dog his/her forever home. We look to our fosters to open their homes and provide the daily basic care. We hold weekly adoption events, and showcase our adoptable dogs on 50+ websites on a regular basis so that our dogs have maximum exposure.

If you would like to become a foster parent, there are two ways to apply:

1. Online -
Click Here
2. Download form, print, scan and email or fax -
Click Here

A Foster's Promise

As the primary temporary caregiver of a BFF Rescue dog, I promise to:
  • Provide daily care and affection for my foster BFF including food, water, exercise, socialization, and basic training.
  • Handle my foster BFF with care and always have them on-leash when outside my home.

  • Not expose my foster BFF to potential illness or injury.

  • Transport my foster BFF to adoption events at least 2x per month, or communicate in advance to arrange for alternate transportation.
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Adopting Your Foster

We call it foster failure. It happens, and it’s okay. You may fall head over heels in love with your foster dog, and decide you cannot part ways with him/her. You will have the opportunity to adopt your foster dog should you choose to do so. However, all fosters are required to go through the same adoption process as anyone else, including filling out an application and paying the adoption donation.